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Classes for this term:

Whitman and Dickinson with Mark Wunderlich: poetry, queer* identity, blasphemy, violence, sensuality and devotional prayer. It’s good — it’s so good.

Collaboration with Musicians and Dancers with Allen Shawn and Susan Sgorbati:make dance, make music, make them together and apart, make them with strangers, make them with friends. Challenging, inspiring, full of paradigm shifts and good evenings spent collaborating with peers. I’m surrounded by geniuses!

Mandolin with John Kirk: I am in love with my new mandolin, and trying to think of names — Genevieve? Giselle? Zsa Zsa? Not sure yet.

Improvisation Ensemble with Kota Yamazaki : A lot of wiggling around, coming to a new understanding of disassociation of self and movement. Intriguing, occasionally befuddling, and always something new to learn.

Intermediate Dance Technique with Daniel Roberts: After this class I feel like a sweaty, sore, noodle-person. Daniel pushes hard, which is great, and Cunningham technique is invigorating. 

Stellar and Observational Astronomy with Hugh Crowl: This class is hard for me because I don’t usually identify as a science student. But I love it! All the names of all the stars, and studying the orbits and rotations of all those celestial bodies and things. 

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me and chuck

“If death meant just leaving the stage long enough to change costume and come back as a new character…Would you slow down? Or speed up?”

The other day I received the dubious compliment that my writing sounds like Chuck Palahniuk’s (author of Fight Club). So I googled him, and found some awesome quotations and some really creepy short stories. What this says about my own psychology and writing I have yet to determine…

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The beets are coming in, and nothing has ever been a more beautiful color of red. Also, they taste amazing. 

The beets are coming in, and nothing has ever been a more beautiful color of red. Also, they taste amazing. 

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I love my education!

Reading and Writing: The Novel (with Benjamin Anastas, my cardigan-sporting novelist advisor. We plumb the depths of the novelist’s mind. A cumulative list of reading recommendations)

Créatrices (the study of awesome French women creating, writing, painting awesome French things! featuring George Sand, one of my favorite characters in the history of literature)

Contemporary African Dance 2 (this class is the hardest workout! I actually can’t think about it — it is so far beyond the realm of what is intellectually conceivable in the way of inspiration and mind-blowing challenge. I love it!)

Contact Improvisation 2 (we roll around, practice lifts, and generally get all up in each other’s business, in a very meditative, explorative dancing way)

Mandolin (John Kirk, the prof., likes to say that if you throw a rock on Bennington campus, it’ll probably hit a mandolin player)

Forest Ecology (we study woods with Kerry Woods! we climb around in the local ecosystems, learn how to observe and ask questions, and study the natural, complex cycles of our environment… very thought-provoking and physical at the same time!)

Costume Construction Basics (want to know how to hand sew? never touched a sewing machine? love to be surrounded by a vast array of cloth and tucked away into the annals of the costume shop? This class offers all of that!)


In short, an amazing education. I can’t tell you how happy I am to be her, learning what I’m learning, and surrounded by such inspiring peers and professors.